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What you need to Know about Bladder Cancer

Cancer of the bladder is one of the predominant forms of cancer in the world today. It mostly affects older women, but it has been diagnosed in men, making it a unisex ailment that you need to have tacit facts about. The good news is that bladder cancer is relatively easy to diagnose and treat compared to other forms of cancer.

Signs and Symptoms

The earlier one detects that he or she has bladder cancer, the better as this increases his or her chances of beating the ailment. Blood in the urine, known in medical terms as hematuria is one of the signs and symptoms that are associated with cancer. Pain while urinating and pelvic inflammation could also be an indication of the disease. People who have cancer of the bladder also urinate frequently and experience excruciating back pains.

Medical Consultation

sit down with doctorIt’s advisable to seek specialized medical attention the minute you experience any of the above signs and symptoms. Other than confirming the presence of cell malignancy in your bladder, medical experts will also determine the type of bladder cancer that you may have. Urothelial carcinoma is, for example, a type of cancer that that occurs in the inner lining cells of the bladder and it’s the common form of bladder cancer in the U.S. Squamous cell carcinoma is often linked to bladder irritations. This strain can come about as a result of parasitic infections or long-term use of the urinary catheter. Adenocarcinoma induces mucus-secretions in the bladder making it one of the most uncomfortable forms of bladder cancer among the three types.


Preventing cancer of the bladder involves the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Cigarettes, for example, contain chemicals that can trigger cancer. Old age is also a risk factor, and researchers have established that the fact that you’re white or black skinned also contributes to the chances of developing cancer of the bladder. There are instances when the ailment can hit you just because you’re a man. Masculinity determines the kind of work one takes up. An example is chemical based industrial jobs.

The kinds of foods you eat can as well draw the line between developing the ailment and avoiding it. Eat a lot of vegetables and colorful fruits. Avoid processed and fast foods and drink a lot of natural juices as well as water. Food supported detoxification process are commendable in the prevention of bladder cancer. A good work out plan and frequent visits to saunas and steam rooms are also good prevention measures besides handling chemicals with caution.

Treatment Options

under the knifeThe process and methods used in the treatment of bladder cancer are similar to that of other cancers in many ways. Surgical procedures are, for instance, feasible if the doctors have established that the cancer is in its preliminary stages. Absolute removal of the cancerous cells in the bladder is a complex procedure that should be undertaken using the best health equipment. The same goes for the chemotherapy treatment option and radiation therapy which targets the cancerous cells and destroys them. It’s significant to note that many people have won the war against bladder cancer and lived to their full potential – a feat that anyone can attain.