How To Choose The Right Elliptical Machine

If you wish to buy an elliptical, you should search for the best elliptical trainer on the market. This is a popular time of year for elliptical trainer shopping. But the problem is that it can be overwhelming with so many options on the market today (over 30 different brands with several models for each!). But not to worry. Follow these five simple tips to find the best elliptical machine that will last you for years:

Heavy flywheel

A heavy flywheel will give you a more solid feeling machine and a smoother elliptical ride. You won’t get the jumps and starts you sometimes get with cheaper ellipticals. The heavier, the better.e3r4gtrfe

High unit or machine weight

The flywheel does play into how stable a machine is. But you also want to find a heavier machine to increase stability. Most manufacturers will tell you the unit weight of the elliptical – and you can compare from there. A heavier unit weight will give you a more stable machine. You’ll be able to pick up the pace without feeling the machine wobble under your weight.

Proper stride length

The stride is the furthest distance between the pedals. Most paces range from 14 – 22″. A longer stride will fully work your leg muscles and, again, give you a smoother feeling ride. Most people do just fine with an 18 – 20″ stride. However, very tall people (over 6’2″) may want to go for a 21 or 22″ stride. Some machines come with strides that can be adjusted so everyone in the family can choose the right stride for them!

Good warranty

The warranty protects your investment and is a great sign of the quality of construction. Warranties vary across the board but most come with the machine – you shouldn’t have to pay extra for warranty coverage. Look for an elliptical with an extra long warranty, especially on parts, brakes, and labor!

Entertainment options

e3rgtrgterfWhile construction, flywheel, and warranty are important, you also want to enjoy using your elliptical trainer! These days you can get everything from iPod docks to celebrity trainer workout programs to web browsers on your elliptical machines. If you tend to get bored easily, you’ll want a lot of entertainment options to keep you interested as you workout.

So those are some tips for choosing the best elliptical trainer. Want another tip? Here it is: Most brands come out with new elliptical trainers every year – and usually, they are most advanced than older models, giving you more for the money.