Best Yoga Balls in the Market Today

There are hundreds of yoga balls available in the market today. To choose the right one, the customers need to know exactly what they are looking for. A yoga ball in made from the elastic soft material that is filled with air, with a diameter of between 14-34 inches. These balls are used mostly in exercise, athletic training, and physical therapy. Using yoga balls makes the body respond to the ball’s instability, therefore involving more muscle groups in the yoga exercise, as opposed to exciting on a flat, stable surface. This strengthens the muscles in the process of keeping balance. Below is a list of the best yoga balls in the market today:

1. LuxFit Premium Extra Thick Yoga ball

This works well in tightening the body’s core and increasing flexibility. It is perfect for shoulders and thighs toning and comes in the right sizes for ease of use. They are also extra thick for increased durability and to avoid bursting. The material used in the making of this ball is high quality and slip resistant. The ball also comes accessorized with an easy to use the pump.

2. Wacces Anti-Burst Fitness Stability And Yoga Ball

frgfgdfvThis ball comes in three sizes, that is 55cm, 65cm and 75cm respectively. It is, therefore, the perfect yoga ball for users who are between 5 inches and 6.5 inches tall. It is made from an anti-burst material which stretches to enhance coordination and balance. If is highly flexible and perfect for toning and strengthening all the body’s muscle groups and increasing the thighs and abdomen and lower back flexibility.

3. Perfect Core-Ball

This ball ensures total muscle activation and the right body positioning. It has a self-righting design feature that allows the user to maintain balance and remain safe and aligned during the yoga exercise. It comes with a workout chart manual that offers detailed instruction on how to boost the results. It is effective for people with a height between 5’4 inches and 5’10 inches.

4. Black Mountain 2000lbsStatic Strength Exercise Ball.

This ball has a spectacular rating of two thousand pounds and is available in five sizes. This ball provides overall agility through the back, glutes, abs, hips, arms and other muscle workouts. It is designed and constructed with thick walls for ultimate support and durability. The ball comes with a foot pump that is easy to use and a guide brochure.

5. Superior Fitness 600lbs Stability Ball And Resistance Bands and Pump

This ball comes with a high quality resistance band to improve the body posture, reduce back pain and the increase balancing for core strength. It is perfect for the office and home use, as well as physical therapy centers. It is constructed using heavy anti-burst PVC and has cushioned handle for safety.